Staple Hill Citadel is a Good NEWSS corps for all people

  • Nurture
  • Evangelism
  • Worship
  • Service to Corps
  • Service to Community

Our purpose is:

  • To be a vibrant worshipping community, actively introducing Jesus to the people in our area
  • To be a place where all can belong and grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • To serve the local community

Apologies for late updates
Published on: Sunday 28th September 2014

November 2014
Published: Sunday 2nd November 2014

October 2014
Published: Sunday 5th October 2014

September 2014
Published: Sunday 31st August 2014

JulyAugust 2014
Published: Friday 4th July 2014

June 2014
Published: Saturday 28th June 2014

May 2014
Published: Saturday 26th April 2014

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